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My philosophy

My work is a celebration of the natural world, whether it is bouquets and buttonholes, farewell tributes, natural and beautiful flowers for all of life's significant events. 

My aim is to live and work sustainably, and so my flowers are seasonal, fragrant, irresistible and kind to our environment. 

Finding ways to be sustainable...



I grow flowers for many reasons but not least because I love being able to cut beautiful stems directly from my garden, adding that unique touch to your arrangement.

Developing my own floral style and looking for new colour combinations and ways of arranging flowers, keeps my work fresh and contemporary.

Organically grown, always seasonal.



I source locally from a small group of talented flower farmers/florists who have similar creative values to myself. They will grow to order and offer helpful suggestions for flowers and foliage that suit the colour palette I am working to. 

Seed gathering and taking cuttings from my own plants, alongside choosing carefully from trusted growers and suppliers.

I am a member of Flowers from the Farm.


Time well spent

Nurturing my creativity.

Spending time in nature, and learning more about seasonality, plants and flowers.

Remembering to find time to 'play' with flowers and giving time to nurturing my creativity.

Collaborating on projects that interest me. Visiting gardens, galleries and natural spaces that inspire.

Supporting other small businesses and spending time with other creatives.

proud member of flowers from the farm

Flowers from the Farm is the award-winning membership association championing artisan growers of seasonal, scented, locally grown cut flowers.

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