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Autumn has arrived so suddenly and I'm writing this in front of a fire, when only a week ago we were experiencing a heatwave! The climate crisis really is with us, and if ever there was a reason for making changes to the way we live, the time is NOW. It's too easy to feel filled with despair, but, I believe that we hold the power in our own hands, and we can decide to be the difference.

I'm visiting my allotment every other day now, instead of the daily ritual of weeding, watering and cutting.

I'm already making plans for the year ahead, with the purchase of seeds, corms, tubers and more perennials.

My friend Margo keeps her horse not far away and I'm trying to work out how many bags of beautiful mulching manure I can get over to the plot while the weather makes it possible.

It's a strange time with flowers still blooming, particularly the dahlias, that have been so late in coming this year, but with the days are shortening, the weather cooling and adding dates in the diary for Christmas Wreath Workshops, I'm all of a tizz.

This year has been my busiest to date, with so many lovely couples trusting me to create beautiful florals to mark such a special day. I have been looking through photos to add to my updated website, and there are so many to choose from! Such talented photographers, and so generous with their work. Thank you.

I have been invited by the lovely Amy and Ben @moathallbarns in the stunning county of Shropshire, to be a part of their forthcoming open day, and look forward to meeting new couples, and helping them to choose their wedding day florals.



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